Brainstream / Poster / Brochure / Catalogue


Brainstream is a creative company,  doing a soft skills for companies such as Orlen, Unilever, Coca-Cola, IBM, TVP, We were happy to construct a key visual for they new  mind game project, presenting their work flow and strategy,

We done key visual, online catalogue, series of brochures 3dl, poster & mind game poster. Key Visual – was to create the impression of warmer connotation for a company target ‘customer/business partner but at the same time keeping company aims serious with clear goal. We have chosen the well known idea of a race, competition, and reaching the goal, mixed with  the idea of a  kid alike cheerful graphic design which makes the project easy to understand and nice to look at. Darker colors was chosen in purpose to keep project in a ‘business area’ . Hope you will like it, Enjoy!