Makoola allover design SS18 for Makoola brand


This HIDDEN MAP poject was done by me long time ago, and now Makoola is  using it to be the main pattern design for SS18 collection. Clue was to design print which will be connected to the wild nature camping idea. I was not trying to show any mystery of it; but instead i just concentrated on colours and shapes connected to the first impression which we have being in contact with wild nature, putting time to time little orange tents were kids can hide and have a little rest; i received pantone colour pallet from which we have chosen blue shades instead of green. As that was the idea off camping near to the sandy area with lots off lakes and water falls, where kids can hide and have fun on a bridge and in secret caves.

Very happy to see it online 🙂

Type: abstraction.

Enjoy :


picture rights belongs to makoola brand